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Editorial Team


The SAJOT Editorial Team consists of the Editor-in-Chief, the Managing Editor and two Section Editors. The Editorial Team operates under the policies and guidance of the Editorial Board.

OTASA Publications Committee Chairperson: Helen Buchanan,  

Editor in Chief:       Blanche Pretorius, 

Managing Editor:   Hester van Biljon, 

Section Editors:  Pamela Gretschel

                                  Annelise Kruger

                                  Adele Ebrahim


Roles of Editorial Team members:

The Editor in Chief of the South African Journal of Occupational Therapy is responsible for the final decision on which articles submitted to the journal will be published. All manuscripts are assigned for blind peer review to two reviewers by the member of the editorial team to whom the submitted manuscript has been assigned. Each reviewer will make a recommendation to accept, reject or modify the manuscript. The editor considers these recommendations, as well as legal requirements regarding libel, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. The editor may consult with the editorial board or reviewers in making final decision should any issues arise.

The Editor in Chief and editorial team members will evaluate manuscripts for their intellectual content without regard to the race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or the political philosophy of the author/s.

The Editor in Chief and editorial team members will not disclose any information about a manuscript under review to anyone other than the author and the reviewers (or potential reviewers).

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